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N.74 / Dowsing, Healing & ExcelCoin

Newsletter friends — Welcome to Issue 74!
N.74 / Dowsing, Healing & ExcelCoin

Newsletter friends — Welcome to Issue 74!

In this installment, we’ve got a classic hits of second-hand news and an assortment of links for the best parts of the internet that I've discovered this week.

Nothing new published this week (I know, it's been a while), but I have been working in the background to start unearthing some fresh ideas and articles in the coming weeks.

If you’re vibin’ this, send it to a friend, say something controversial in the comments, or like, tweet about it.

Alright, on to the newsletter! - Sam


90-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine confronts her past by visiting the German concentration camp Mittelbau-Dora where her brother was killed. As a young girl, she fought Hitler’s Nazis as a member of the French Resistance. For 74 years, she has refused to step foot in Germany, but that changes when a young history student named Lucie enters her life. Prepared to re-open old wounds and revisit the terrors of that time, Marin-Catherine offers important lessons for us all.

As Colette shows, when you delve into the individual stories, the truth of people’s grief & experiences gets complicated. These stories are important to hear and to tell so we remember the real, human, feeling truth of how individual lives were damaged and wasted by the actions of the large and powerful.


Only 24 people have journeyed far enough to see the whole Earth against the black of space. The images they brought back changed our world.

Here is a selection of the most beautiful photographs of Earth — iconic images and unknown gems — digitally restored to their full glory.

Earth Restored — Toby Ord
<p>An Oxford philosopher working on big picture questions facing humanity this century.</p>


A song about healing, performed by Nicola Benedetti, Andrew Staples and the Aurora Orchestra, in honour of their friend Clemency Burton-Hill who is recovering from a severe brain haemorrhage.

Morgen! A gift from Nicola Benedetti, Andrew Staples, Nicholas Collon and Aurora Orchestra
“And tomorrow the sun will shine againAnd on the path that I shall take...Its light will unite us again Amid this same sun-breathing earth.” Light at...

Elon Musk Got Bored of Bitcoin

Matt Levine | Bloomberg | 14th May 2021

Appreciate this take from the ever reliable Matt Levine at Bloomberg on an alternative to Bitcoin.

I have a coin that uses <1% of Bitcoin’s energy per transaction! It is called ExcelCoin. Instead of relying on proof-of-work, burning tons of energy to mine coins to reward people for keeping track of the ledger of transactions, as Bitcoin does, ExcelCoin relies on me keeping track of the list of transactions in Microsoft Excel.
Elon Musk Got Bored of Bitcoin
Also pipeline hack insider trading, SPAC sponsorship and altcoin tax deductions.

The Inexplicable World Of Dowsing

Dan Schwartz | Outside | 3rd May 2021

Is the ancient practice of dowsing for water a science, a kind of magic, or a charlatan's trick? This writer investigates, and ends up dowsing successfully himself.

"The rods begin to close... They close like strong hands have grabbed them and are twisting them in. They close like rain must fall and wind must blow, like it’s their natural course, like they always have and always will"'
The Best Way to Find Water? Magic.
For centuries, dowsers have claimed the ability to find groundwater, precious metals, and other quarry using divining rods and an uncanny intuition. Is it the real deal or woo-woo? Dan Schwartz suspends disbelief to see for himself.

The shape of yew: topiary at the cutting edge

Clare Coulson | Financial Times | 7th May 2021

There's something very soothing about an expertly clipped hedge.

The shape of yew: topiary at the cutting edge
Perfectly trimmed shapes bring ornamental drama to a naturalistic garden


"Truth springs from argument amongst friends"
— David Hume

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