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N.85 / It's Coming

THIS WEEK → The sounds of space ⊗ Problem solving through the art of sound ⊗ Geographic Music Bubbles ⊗ Why our to-do lists do not set us free ⊗ Someone who lives without Money.
N.85 / It's Coming

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During this period of ambiguity and uncertainty.It can feel like ideas are often not coming, not flowing, not being. Truth be told, this can be most days.

This is the tearful ground zero of the creative task — at least for some of us. This lack of motion, this sense of suspended powerlessness, can feel extraordinarily desperate for the creative mind. But the thing you must hold on to through these difficult periods, as hard as it may be, is this — when something’s not coming, it’s coming.

The task is both simple and extremely difficult. The task is to remain patient and vigilant and to not lose heart — for we are the destination. We are the portals from which the idea explodes, forced forth by its yearning to arrive. We are revelatory, the living instruments through which the idea announces itself — the flourishing and the blooming — but we are also the waiting and the wondering and the worrying.

We are all of these things — we are the creators.

Love, Sammy


The Sounds of Space: A sonic adventure to other worlds

John Boswell | Youtube | 16th June 2021

In this collaboration between musician and filmmaker John Boswell (aka melodysheep) and the sound podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz, we get to listen to some of the actual and theoretical sounds of space, from what the Sun would sound like if space weren’t a vacuum (we’d hear it as loud as a jackhammer on Earth) to the sound of the Universe just after the Big Bang to thunder in the thick atmosphere of Venus to dreamlike piano music on Mars (Watch)

Meet Crime-Solving Artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Nowness | YouTube | 26th July 2021

Profile of a Jordanian "private ear" who has built a vast library of sound effects for his art exhibitions—but also to solve international crimes. "Earwitness testimony, as opposed to eyewitness testimony, is the most prevalent source of evidence. Why? Because sound leaks" (Watch)

Geographic Music Bubbles

The Pudding | The Pudding | 14th April 2021

This intriguing new data visualisation project by The Pudding explores how your geographical location determines what sort of music you’re most likely exposed to and how pop music usually spreads in specific patterns across regions, countries and continents. (Play)

Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t

Clive Thompson | Wired | 27th July 2021

Why do most of us fail at completing our to-do lists? Well it's complicated, but also simple. The majority of tools we use in our jobs are about communicating with someone else. Whilst a to-do list is, ultimately, nothing more or less than an attempt to persuade yourself. (Read)

Two Decades Without Money

Tori Marlan | Capital Daily | 14th July 2021

Conversation with a Canadian man, David Johnston, who claims to have lived relatively comfortably for almost twenty years without using money, and destroying any cash that comes his way. "Johnston throws found change into garbage bins and cuts out serial numbers on bills. Before 2011, when banknotes were made of paper instead of polymer, he could just burn them". (Read)


You win some, you lose some, and sometimes you get to watch other people win some and lose some.

– Anon

Thanks for your time, energy and presence in making it all the way to the bottom.

Spelling mistakes, glaring omissions, furious rants or grudging tips of the hat, I welcome it all.

Till next time,

<3 Sammy
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