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N.88 / Going up the hill

THIS WEEK → Dynamic Robots ⊗ Bizarre Daily Routines ⊗ Wes Anderson Fonts ⊗ Stunning Moths ⊗ Stealing Faces ⊗ Disco Drum Beats.
N.88 / Going up the hill

When we are in the place of consternation.

Away from grounds of comfort.

In the location of the unwilling.

We find what is ours to learn.

This is rarely a concept that we look forward to in the heat of the moment.

Yet, it is in this place that we come to define our role in the culture.

I was reminded of this story watching ’The Last Dance’ and Michael Jordan.

Not for his unrelenting will to win or his larger than life persona, but his obedience to go up the hill at all.

In turn, he was able to bring others along for the ride which delighted a generation of faithful witnesses to the game of basketball.


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Atlas | Partners in Parkour

Boston Dynamics | Youtube  | 17th August 2021

The Boston Dynamics robots are getting even better at bouncing off the walls, proving that we're all doomed once they gain sentience. It is eerie and weird and uncanny and all other such adjectives watching these machines smoothly caper around like humans (Watch).

I Tried Erik Satie's Bizarre Daily Routine

Nahre Sol | YouTube | 14th August 2021

French composer Erik Satie was a strange fellow. Consequently, his daily routine is a plethora of oddities. Lunch is taken from 12:11 to 12:14 (and he only eats white foods, like eggs, turnips, rice, bone scrapings, and veal), horseback riding from 1:19 to 2:35, symphonic readings from 8:09 to 9:59. The routine eschews productivity and emphasises reflection (Watch)

The Fonts Of Wes Anderson

Linus Boman | YouTube | 17th August 2021

Wes Anderson's fonts are almost as famous as his movies. In The Royal Tenenbaums, "the percentage of runtime which features Futura in some form or another is about a quarter, which means it actually has more screen-time than any of the lead actors." Anderson's retro-modernist Futura recalls "Stanley Kubrick's Futura, NASA's Futura, the Futura of museum clarks and library cards" (Watch)

How Google Stole This American Model's Face

Nowness | YouTube | 18th August 2021

A model thought this photo of her face would be used for one obscure article. Then she noticed it in an unrelated article about face oil. Soon, the image became the top result for the term "face," showing up in thousands of articles across the web. She watched as her identity became abstracted. "The internet already owns my face; I don't really own it anymore" (Watch).

Dave Grohl Inspired By Disco Drum Beats

Kremund | YouTube | 28th June 2021

I love this clip of Dave Grohl talking to Pharrell Williams. Grohl talks about what Nirvana owed to…disco. Grohl’s drumming was influenced by The Gap Band, Cameo, and in particular Tony Thompson, Chic’s drummer (Thompson became the biggest session drummer of the 1980s, playing for Bowie, Madonna, and Robert Palmer - you can hear his massive sound on Addicted To Love). I like these non-obvious musical lineages (Watch).

The Contemplation Station

“Whatever a human being desires for themselves will not come about exactly as they first imagined it or first laid it out in their minds…what always happens is the meeting between what you desire from your world and what the world desires of you. It’s this frontier where you overhear yourself and you overhear the world. And that frontier is the only place where things are real…in which you just try to keep an integrity and groundedness while keeping your eyes and your voice dedicated toward the horizon that you’re going to, or the horizon in another person you’re meeting."

— David Whyte

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