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N.91 / There's no room for discord here.

THIS WEEK → Mr. Blobby ⊗ Zen Gardens ⊗ Wingwalking ⊗ Artificial Art ⊗ Fungi Films.
N.91 / There's no room for discord here.

In my younger days the culture around me offered the following implied message ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Yet, this generally morphed into 'don’t make a scene’ or ‘endure the suffering’. Any act of discord was to be absconded. Keeping the peace was of the highest order. In my later years, this morphed into an extreme avoidance of conflict. An embodied state that would do anything to maintain a level of comfort.

Unfortunately, we humans are always in a state of conflict and the longer this goes on without finding a resolution the more likely the rupturing will move towards the traumatic end of the spectrum.

I was reminded of this recently whilst listening to a podcast with the comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his rumination on the ’Seinfeld’ years.

He mentioned not tolerating discord of any manner or form.

I don’t like discord. I don’t like it, and I am fearless in rooting it out and solving it. And if anyone’s having a problem, I’m going to walk right up to them and go, “Is there a problem? Let’s talk about this.” Because I cannot stand that kind of turmoil.... I feel like if you break the human struggle down to one word, it’s confront. And so, I kind of approach everything that way. Just the act of the confront is like — what do people always say?

Offering a posture that was staunch in opposition to letting it slide, instead he would confront it as soon as possible to remove the ambiguous tension / vibration that would often resolve itself in the hallowed halls of show business.

This I believe is a radical act and one of the keys to designing that good life that each and everyone of us hope to create in one way or another.

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Cool Tools

1000 Dreams

Stories by refugees

What a delightful idea for a storytelling project: 1000 Dreams tells the stories of 1000 refugees across Europe. A wonderful publishing idea that seeks to change prevailing refugee narratives in the media (View).

Creation Nation

Hit a new high score

🕧 📱 Try to Hit 24 Hours of Screen Time

You may think you’re tapped in, but have you truly tried to merge souls with your phone, unlock the singularity and become the zeitgeist? Every moment of every day should be spent solely in service of hitting a new high score in the matrix (Try).

Explore The Curiosity

A Loveable Anarchist

Isabelle Aron | Vice | 1st September 2021

Oral history of a bizarre yet beloved British cultural property: the seven-foot tall pink and yellow spotted shape that is Mr Blobby. Originally introduced as a minor character for a prank segment on a 1990s gameshow, he soon had a life of his own and the country was swamped with Mr Blobby merchandise. Best of all: for 20 years the man in the suit was a serious Shakespearean actor (Read).

Zen garden - Pattern explorations

Yuki Kawae | Youtube | 15th June 2021

Soothing, relaxing, meditative, mesmerizing — just a few of the ways to describe Yuki Kawae’s video of creating different patterns in his zen garden. If you want to relax and chill out for awhile, watch Kawae make patterns in the sand (Watch).

Wingwalker to the Rescue

F. Gerald Phillips | Air & Space Magazine | 16th July 2021

A wild story that explains the ins and outs of how to replace an airplane's wheel whilst mid-air in 1926. (Read) .

Democratized Creativity: A.I. Art And Its Implications

Maxwell Nichols | YouTube | 8th September 2021

Snappily edited prophecy of how A.I. will affect art in the near future: aspiring filmmakers creating Miyazaki-level animations from their basement, indistinguishable deep fakes of classic artists and musicians. Quick but thought-provoking (Watch).

How Mushroom Time-Lapses Are Filmed

Wired | Youtube | 28th August 2021

Wired talked to Louie Schwartzberg about how mushroom time lapses are filmed. I don’t know why I assumed they filmed these outside…of course they are done indoors to help control lighting, weather, and other factors (like rogue wildlife). And after decades of working on nature films, Schwartzberg has integrated his process deeply into his life (Watch).

The Contemplation Station

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
– H. L. Mencken

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