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N.92 / Could this be your time?

THIS WEEK → Finite Social Network ⊗ A Doorman with many lives ⊗ Camouflaged Signs ⊗ Gift Card Economics ⊗ Factory race tracks.
N.92 / Could this be your time?

Today as the sun comes back to bring light and life.

Is it the moment to take a front seat?

Or a back seat?

Is this the period of pull?

Or a period of push?

Is this the time, your time?

Or is it someone else’s time?

Trust your heart and your heart brokenness in the heat of today's crisis.

They bare you no harm.

But, they do require a decision from you.


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Create Wisely

Bartosz’ Deep Dives

Interactive technical explainers

Bartosz Ciechanowski creates long explainer articles on physics, math and engineering, and includes fun, interactive elements to play with. Some highlights include the Internal Combustion Engine, Light and Shadow, Earth and Sun, and (his latest post) Naval Architecture (View).


Finite social network

Minus is a social network that allows you 100 posts, for life. Plus other constraints. Impractical but provocative info design — makes you think twice what you need to say.

Explore The Curiosity

David Byrne

David Byrne | Instagram

Every couple of days the musician/artist David Byrne posts on his Instagram a picture of something interesting he notices: a juxtaposition of forms, an odd alignment of shadows, something offbeat, the unexpectedly original in the mundane, or one moment of aha. That’s it.  Because he notices, I notice (View).

The Many Lives of a New York City Doorman

The New Yorker | Youtube | 12th August 2020

In this wonderful short documentary by Lydia Cornett, we meet Yves Deshommes and observe him moving through his many responsibilities and interests in life, including being an NYC concierge, art dealing, raising his daughter, playing the violin, and helping his home country of Haiti (Watch).

Quippy Interventions by Michael Pederson Are Camouflaged as Legitimate Street Signs

Colossal | Youtube | 15th September 2021

Working as Miguel Marquez Outside, artist Michael Pederson offers clever interventions mimic official warnings and notices in design and placement, disguising their witty messages and unusual purposes (Look).

The Gift Card Economics Edition

Why Is This Interesting | Substack | 15th September 2021

Walk down an aisle in any CVS and you’ll see a huge wall of gift cards. Often bought when you don’t have the time or energy to think of a better present, they are a mainstay of modern life, with Americans purchasing around $171 Billion worth in 2019 (Read).

A racetrack on the rooftop of Fiat’s Lingotto factory in Italy, 1923

Rare Historical Photos | 24th March 2021

When it was built in the 1920s in Turin, Italy, the Fiat factory was designed with a racetrack on the top of the building, both for car testing purposes and for racing.

The factory’s best-known symbol is the test track, which is a superb piece of design modeling, and construction that occupies the whole roof surface of the workshops. Two 443 meters straights, joined by parabolic bends, form a continuous track for testing the cars (View).

The Contemplation Station

"We stick to the wrong thing quite often, not because it will come to fruition by further effort but because we cannot let go of the way we have decided to tell the story, and we become further enmeshed even by trying to make sense of what entraps us, when what is needed is a simple, clean breaking away."

– David Whyte, Consolations

Thanks for your time, energy and presence in making it all the way to the bottom.

Spelling mistakes, glaring omissions, furious rants or grudging tips of the hat, I welcome it all.

Till next time,


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