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N.93 / The Universe in Verse.

THIS WEEK → Finite Social Network ⊗ A Doorman with many lives ⊗ Camouflaged Signs ⊗ Gift Card Economics ⊗ Factory race tracks.
N.93 / The Universe in Verse.

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Create Wisely

Nature Track

Natural soundscapes

Nature Track is a podcast that opens a window on the beautiful sounds of the Australian wilderness. These long, uninterrupted soundscapes are the perfect relaxing soundtrack for your daily dive (Listen).

Explore The Curiosity

The Secrets of The World’s Greatest Freediver

Daniel Riley | GQ | 21st September 2021

Sink into this beautifully written deep dive by Daniel Riley in GQ: The Secrets of The World’s Greatest Freediver. “Today, there is one diver who goes the deepest, who blends the physical and metaphysical like no one else in the sport. Watching the 34-year-old Russian Alexey Molchanov dive can be dangerously disorienting. Seemingly anyone else attempting what he does would die. It is like watching the world’s best rock climber scale a sheer face with ease, only the inverse. That’s one way to think of what he’s doing: Free Solo but for drowning. Free Solo but down. And no one alive goes down like Alexey Molchanov.” (Read).

Ice Ball

Gravity Films | Vimeo | 22nd September 2021

Ice Ball is a short documentary that follows legendary polar explorer Will Steger and the community that he’s built up around harvesting ice from frozen winter lakes near Ely in northern Minnesota. Steger lives off the grid and uses the harvested ice for refrigeration — the ice keeps everything cool in the ice house for the whole year, until the next harvest. Come for the ice harvesting, stay for the wonderful Minnesotan accents (Watch).

The Diamond

Caitlyn Greene | Vimeo | 18th September 2021

The Diamond is a contemplative short documentary by Caitlyn Greene about the people who look for diamonds in an ancient volcanic crater at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Whatever you find there, you can keep. But what are they really searching for? (Watch).

The Contemplation Station

Only those who do not seek power are qualified to hold it.
– Plato

Thanks for your time, energy and presence in making it all the way to the bottom.

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