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N.94 / We are all gardeners.

THIS WEEK → Wood Wide Web ⊗ A Crypto Boats ⊗ Existential GIFs ⊗ Climate Bubbles.
N.94 / We are all gardeners.

In a “less search, more feed” style, Clive Thompson recently wrote about “rewilding your attention,” or avoiding what the algorithm is trying to push at you:

The metaphor offers us an opportunity: If you want to have wilder, curiouser thoughts, you have to avoid the clear-cut network offered by the modern big technology firms and move away from mono-species culture as suggested in this adjacent article by Claire L. Evans.

So, to promote this each of us needs to take greater responsibility and become our own gardeners or cultivators.

To enable a the natural noticing that is offered in the metaphorical "wood wide web", that offers overgrown areas with mushrooms and towering weeds and a massive dead log where a family of wombats has taken up residence.

Rewinding your attention, as with many opportunities that exist, may mean going back to older ways of attending. To make our own rabbit holes, as suggested by Clive’s solution: to cultivate weird feeds in Feedly. (And read weird books).

For me, it also means going back to my roots, remembering the weird interests that brought me to this moment in time and maybe re-investing in those interests, and sharing them in the way that has brought me much joy.


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Explore The Curiosity

The word for web is forest

Claire L. Evans | New_Public Magazine | 23rd September 2021

As mentioned above Claire L. Evans piece for the newly launched New_ Public Magazine and their decentralization issue. A beautiful parallel between Suzanne Simard’s research and various discoveries concerning what others have dubbed the “wood wide web,” and our own planet-spanning network. (Read).

The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship

Sophie Elmhirst | The Guardian | 7th September 2021

What a great story about the bizarre world that crypto-kids are trying to create in order to escape from laws, taxes and ethics. “Using their own money, they funded the first attempt at a single residential seastead, in the form of a floating white octagonal box 12 nautical miles off the coast of Thailand. Elwartowski and his girlfriend, Nadia Summergirl, lived there for two months in early 2018, until the Thai government discovered the seastead’s existence and declared it a threat to the country’s independence, possibly punishable by life imprisonment or death.” (Read).

Have Heart

Will Anderson | Vimeo | 20th March 2018

A day in the life of a looping animated GIF who begins to fall into an existential crisis. "Why aren't you close with me anymore?" his wife asks. "When our beaks overlap it kinda makes a circle," he responds. Despite the ultra-minimalist style, almost bears a resemblance to The Truman Show–the costs of living life in the public eye (Watch).

Climate Change Is the New Dot-Com Bubble

Paul Ford | Wired | 27th September 2021

It’s Web 1.0 all over again. We are in the Pets.com-puppet-mascot era of climate. The comedy of the technology industry is playing again as a kind of Ibsenian tragedy: Scientists and academics told everyone about this thing for decades, and almost everyone ignored them. But then enough people got interested, and now there’s a market. And as a result there are a million business models, a million solutions, huge promises of the change to come: We’ll pour everything we have into green-energy infrastructure. We’ll transact in carbon marketplaces. We’ll pull a trillion tons of CO2 out of the air every year. Never mind that today we can do about 0.0005 percent of that, which rounds to nothing.”

Paul Ford on Climate Change providing a new bubble. (Read).

The Contemplation Station

What others will mainly remember is our presence in their lives rather than the work we did.
– Hugh Mackay

Thanks for your time, energy and presence in making it all the way to the bottom.

Spelling mistakes, glaring omissions, furious rants or grudging tips of the hat, I welcome it all.

Till next time,


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